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These Michael Cera meme’s lol

Hope this makes your day a bit better :)

if ya’ll were a fruit….you’d be a FINEapple!

akawifi asked: How was Warped?! I'm about to go for my first time on Wednesday and I'm super nervous about it... Especially moshes omg I'm such a wimp. I sound like such a noob but do you have any advice for me? And most importantly... did you have fun? By your pictures it looks like it!


im terribly sorry for the late reply. but warped tour isnt all that bad. im not the one who goes to mosh pits and such but as long as you find out the set times,concerts and everything you’ll be alright. (p.s bring snacks.its friggin expensive to buy food at the venue!)

abbyphobia asked: Omg I love your icon 😁❤️👌


lol well thank you. thats how i got my name XD

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